Buy Now Instructions:

1. Make sure you send funds from a personal wallet (Shelley-era) and NOT FROM AN EXCHANGE.

2. Quantities are limited. Refresh this page before making a purchase as we will update the page once NFTs are sold out.

3. Each NFT is 55 ADA each so if you would like more than one NFT, please send the correct multiple e.g 2 NFTs would cost 110 ADA.

4. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your NFT. Our sending script runs once per day.

To get your NFT please send 55 ADA to addr1q8juf3d5w0yp4lxtz4kzkf342pxvtvfnc90y8hqgk3vx3wqgpec6ldn0u9avtnd6vpaypl42gqzrwg20hdcc6cp92eas7a6lue