Cardano Blocks NFT Project

A unique representation of the Cardano blockchain using real blockchain data and AI generation.

Every NFT in this collection represents 625 real blocks on the Cardano Blockchain in a 25 x 25 Pattern. Each color presents one of two thousand, one hundred and seventy-six pool ids (stake leaders) on the Cardano Blockchain.

To create these NFTs we analyzed 6,250,000 blocks on the Cardano chain up to the recent Alonzo fork to produce one unique NFT for each 625 blocks. That means each owner will be the only one with that particular block range. There will only ever be 10,000 NFTs minted in this project using a time-locking policy id.

These NFTs have their artwork stored "on-chain" so it is available to be generated from the Cardano blockchain forever. You'll be able to download a copy of our generation script on github shortly.

Get Your NFTs Now

Genesis Block

Cardano Blocks 1 to 624


Cardano Blocks 6219376 to 6219999

Project Goals

Fair Distribution

No sales, discounts or different pricing levels. Distribution is random and done by our servers. Price is set at 55 ADA and is first come, first serve until all NFTs are sold.

Unique and Rare

Each NFT is designed to be unique by representing a specific range of 625 blocks on the cardano blockchain. We wanted each token to be rare so we only minted one for each section of the blockchain resulting in 10,000 tokens covering 6.25 million blocks.

Extra Value For Long Term Holders

We wanted to incentivize long term holding and value so we're going to do 4 extra NFT drops for holders of the Cardano Blocks NFTs dependant on the success of the project.

Onchain Art

We didn't want to rely on IPFS so we designed a new artwork map that is stored entirely on the Cardano Blockchain forever.

4 Drops. Incentivized Long Term Holding.

We love making NFTs and we love the Cardano Blockchain so we've decided to include 4 extra drops with the purchase of a Cardano Blocks NFT if the following funding goals are reached. Each extra NFT will be based on procedurally generated artwork of Cardano Blockchain data in weird and wonderful ways. We are aiming to do one drop every 3 to 4 months based on addresses holding the NFTs during the specified date. Drop details and funding goals below.


Requirement: Reached!

Schedule: 15th October

Record Date: 14th October

"Triangles? Triangles Everywhere"


Requirement: 5000 NFTs sold

Schedule: 6 months after launch

Record Date: TBA

"Circular Economy = Block Size + Transactions"

Tokyo Nights

Requirement: 7500 NFTs sold

Schedule: 9 months after launch

Record Date: TBA

"Tokyo Nights Are All About Funky Neon Colors"


Requirement: 10000 NFTs sold

Schedule: 12 months after launch

Record Date: TBA

"Your Guess Is As Good As Ours. It's Going To Be Amazing"